We sincerely hope you will be satisfied with the quality of Julius watch products. In order to protect the maximum rights and interests of consumers, we developed a Julius warranty policy under which you can return, exchange, replace or repair products. We always provide the best product quality with the best service to our customers.

1/ Julius Watch Warranty policy

When buying genuine watches at Julius, you will enjoy the  following best warranty policy:

  • All Julius watches are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Exchanging for a new product if the machine is damaged due to a manufacturer’s fault.
  • Free strap replacement once within 12 months. After that, you can easily buy the metal strap for 6.51 $ and 4.34 $ for the leather strap.  
  • Free battery replacement for life
  • When buying accessories, you will get a discount if you have a warranty card.

2/ Julius Watch warranty conditions

Products are free warranty if guaranteed all the following conditions:

  • The warranty is only valid if you still have the Julius watch warranty card stamped by Julius or the agent’s receipt, filled out completely and accurately with all customer information.
  • Warranty card must be intact. Torn, tarnished, or faded ones are not accepted.
  • Being under warranty period: The warranty period starts from the date of purchase,  specified on the warranty card.
  • Warranty costs are only replaced for damaged components and spare parts – not for another watch.

Products not covered by warranty will fall into one of the following cases:

  • Your watch is damaged due to improper storage
  • Water damaged watch if it is not a waterproof one
  • Warranty card is not intact, torn or faded.
  • The watch’s internal machinery has changed, it has been disassembled, and repaired during the warranty period at places that are not the center of Julius.

Please Note:

  • During the warranty period, only the movement, clock hands and dial are covered by the warranty.
  • Customers who are far away when making a warranty claim, please send the watch and warranty card to the Julius warranty station or the watch dealer that you purchased the item from.
  • Contacting for warranty and repair
  • For non-warranty services, the Julius service center will meet customer requirements, the cost will be reduced when you present the warranty card.

3/ How to use and store your watch properly?

Many of you are still confused about how to use and maintain your watch to keep it always in good working order and durable. So keep in mind the following useful checklist:

Limitations and things you should avoid:

  • Impact, exposure to corrosive substances, high temperature or strong magnetic field.
  • Use solvents, cleaning agents, and strong chemicals.
  • Avoid wearing the watch and bracelet at the same time because it is easily cause scratch and damage your watch glass
  • Do not adjust the crown when the watch is wet
  • Avoid extreme temperatures (high or low) 
  • Use the adjustment buttons or set the watch underwater.

Things you should do:

  • Clean the watch as prescribed, use a soft and slightly damp cloth to prolong the life of the watch.
  • If condensation occurs in the watch face, you need to bring your watch to the manufacturer’s Customer Service Center as quickly as possible to minimize internal damage.
  • Replace the battery when the watch is running out of time or the second hand clock is moving irregularly. The cause may be an electrical leakage or a dead battery, causing serious damage to your watch.
  • When not in use for a long time, turn off the power to activate the special power protection switch and avoid battery drain