TOP 9 Best women’s sports watch you can buy in 2021

We’ve reviewed over 50+ the best women’s sports watch to find watches that provided the best fit for women.

1. Garmin Vivoactive 4S – The best women’s sports watch in 2021

One of the top sportwatch is Garmin Vivoactive 4S. This is a product line aimed directly at the casual users who need an elegant, sleek design. In addition, they also create this watch with 2 features such as health and sports properties that support for start of fitness needs sports such as running, swimming, and cycling.

Moreover, this version has full functions such as heart rate monitoring, GPS, internal memory to store music as well as the ability to play music via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection … This watch also includes some functions such as store music, support for multi-sport workouts, which Garmin has been doing very well.

2. The Forerunner 45 – The best smart sports watches for women you can buy

best women's sports watch

The Forerunner 45 have  two sizes Forerunner 45 and smaller Forerunner 45S. With slime design, we can see that it is suitable for women who have tiny wrist.

The Forerunner 45 records running, walking, and cycling using GPS to track time, pace, and distance. A built-in activity tracker counts steps, sets daily goals, and monitors sleep. An all-day stress monitor keeps tabs on your daily wellness.

New safety feature is a new factor of this product. If you have any problem when you are on the go, you can activate the incident detection will discreetly text and email are automatically sent to chosen friends and family. Wi-Fi is not required, but your smartphone will have to be with you and Garmin Connect will have to be running for these smartwatch safety features to work.

3. Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor

Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor is the best fitness tracker that never needs charging.

You never need to remember to charge this fitness tracker because it uses a replaceable coin battery that lasts six months. The white LED lights have two functions: displaying the time and showing your fitness goal progress. 

In total, it tracks your steps, sleep, distance, and calories burned — and our lab pros were impressed by how accurate it is. 

Note that you’ll need to download the Misfit app since the device itself has no screen.

4. FitBit Charge 3 –  A great health tracking product

best women's sports watch

Fitbit Charge 3 is best women’s sports watch for users who love fitness activities. Especially, if you want to get better without having time to go to the gym, the Fitbit Charge 3 will be the device to help you do that.

Some of the features are week-long battery life. This fitness tracker is comfortable and convenient to wear every single day if you’re mainly concerned with tracking your steps.

By default, Charge 3 automatically tracks about 7 popular sports including walking, jogging, outdoor cycling, aerobic, swimming, Elliptical and general tracking of fast-moving sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, … In addition, you can track some other exercises such as treadmill, weightlifting and high intensity training (Interval Timer).

5. Suunto 3 – The best fitness trackers for women in 2021

Contrary to many fitness watches on the market, Suunto 3 provides adaptive training guidance, which is basically a 7-day training schedule that can drastically improve your fitness.

One of the great benefits of the adaptive training guidance is that it will automatically adapt to your regular exercises, so you don’t ever need to worry about updating it.

The adaptive training guidance is successful because it’s based on your training history and fitness level, and the planned exercises are extremely easy to activate.

6. Apple watch series 6

best women's sports watch

There is no denying the Apple Watch 6 is more fitness-oriented than the original.

It’s hard to fully run-down everything the Apple Watch can do. But some key takeaways include: GPS tracking along with the step-monitoring of a fitness tracker. On the go music and phone notifications. And wrist heart rate.

Apple Watch 6 series have the SOS emergency feature. Basically, you can call 911 directly from the watch.

Watch series 6 is expected to emit health-improving guidelines like some deep breathing exercises.

7. Fitbit Versa 2

We need to discuss some of the features of Versa 2. Fitbit still focuses more on monitoring the health and fitness of users. The Versa 2 is set up to track running, cycling, swimming and exercise exercises. With the Versa 2 tests almost performing very well, all thanks to Fitbit’s faster chip.

One the cons of the Versa 2 still doesn’t have GPS and you can only connect it to your phone’s GPS. This feature works great on running and cycling workouts outdoors.

8. Fitness Tracker HR

best women's sports watch


While it hasn’t been tested by our experts, this best women’s sports watch is the best-selling one on Amazon. It’s a great introductory model if you’re not sure about the idea of wearing a tracker on your wrist, since it will only set you back $28. “I hit the gym twice a day and this little gem has really enhanced the experience,” one reviewer wrote. The brand claims it lasts up to seven days on a single charge.

9. Coros Pace 2

Coros Pace 2 is a running watch that close tracks your running progress. This running watch will also provide 3 tracking features like running indoors with the ability to set the treadmill speed, track mode with extremely accurate GPS and standard mode running. 

In this third mode, the running watch will track your route, heart rate, running rate, stride, and strength and running time. To mark a race, you can press the button and if you want to stop or continue, you just need to use the knob to adjust. In addition, you can also set alerts for heart rate, distance, nutrition, … while you are running and the watch will warn you when you exceed a set level.

That’s it for our list of the best women’s sport watch, but it’s only a fraction of what’s out there. Having a smartwatch that’s on you at all times can really help establish workout routines.

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