JS-053A Julius- Women’s Leather Watch, Sapphire Glass (Black)

In the last decades, wristwatches have become more and more popular among both women and men. However choosing for yourself a suitable watch is never simple and always takes time because watches for women come in different designs, brands, and prices.

Thinking about buying yourself an elegant watch as a perfect gift for ourselves but unsure which one is suitable? Women’s leather watch- Julius Korea Watch JS-053A is a great watch for ladies you should consider!

1. Some parameters of Julius JS-053A:

Case Material: inox ss304

Case size: 32mm (3.2cm)

Case thickness: 7.5mm

Watch glass: Sapphire Glass, High- quality glass used to give a watch

Dial: White

Band Material: Leather

Band size: 1,6cm (16mm) size 16

Band Color: Black

Movement: MIYOTA 2035 – Japan

Water resistance: 3ATM (30m)

2. Reasons to choose Julius JS-053A:

Brand: Julius is an original design & Korean style fashion watch brand. With youthful style, modern technology from Japanese and designed by leading Korean fashion experts, Julius is one of the best choices for modern fashionable ladies.

Dial: Julius JS-053A is designed in an elegant style. The dial is very simple with 11 numbers (without the number 6). The black numbers look so soft and flexible on a while and clear dial. There are two small sectors, the hour one with an hour hand and a minute hand and a second one with a second hand sub down. This makes the watch really special, unique and simple but not monotonous.

Band: There are many types of straps out there for you to choose. Leather straps can be an elegant choice. The natural and soft feel of leather is almost pleasing to the touch. It’s far more comfortable to wear than metal. There is just one thing you should consider is that the color of the leather straps for your watches should match with the other elements in your outfits.

Color: Black and white are always delicate and elegant colors. They are considered color trends for minimalists. For that reason, this watch is a great choice for those who like the pretty simple style. Black and white always look modern. The color also makes the watch a perfect match with other jewelry like silver bracelets or rings

Box: Julius’s box is designed simply but sophisticatedly. Therefore, it can be a perfect gift for your friends or even for yourself. Besides, it can be used as a lovely picture frame or a convenient phone shelf.

Watch glass: Being made of sapphire, the glass watch is more scratch- and impact–resistant than mineral and also looks better than mineral glass. The so-called sapphire glass is the most resistant to scratches with outstanding resistance and clarity.

Water resistance:  In reality, 3ATM Julius JS-053A can withstand splashes of water from washing your hands or getting caught in the rain. It is also imperative that you don’t take a watch with this little water resistance into the shower with you, because steam has an incredibly nasty habit of getting into places you’d never otherwise imagine. This feature can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the way and the purpose you use it. With 3ATM- Water resistance, JS-053A is suitable for everyday use and not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkeling, water-related work, fishing, and diving.

Guarantee: Within 12 months, Julius provides free repair/adjustment service against any defects on the watch head (movement) and a 1-time free exchange of the same size leather band.

Julius has been being enthusiastically welcomed by young people because of its youthfulness, stylishness, dynamic beauty and fashionableness. Choosing Julius JS-053A or one of the latest Julius watches is the way you cherish yourself as well as assert your level.

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